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The future of the martial arts industry

Premier Martial Arts, where your passion for the arts meets business success!


Own a business that gets people in shape, teaches them self-defense and builds their confidence, all while they have a blast and YOU HAVE A BLAST!

If you want to share your excitement for martial arts with people while building your financial future, Premier Martial Arts is what you are looking for.

The martial arts industry is changing rapidly.
Our industry is quickly becoming BIG business. 

Premier Martial Arts is the most successful chain of martial arts studios of its kind in the world with outstanding growth in unit openings, membership sales, and overall net income. Through superior owner support, detailed operation systems, and ongoing consulting, Premier Martial Arts is leading the way of the rapid expansion in the exciting industry of the martial arts!


Premier Martial Arts – the People Business

You do NOT need to have any experience in the martial arts or have worked in a studio to be a successful Premier studio owner. The ideal candidate has strong managerial and communication skills, enjoys working with and developing people and marketing their business. This is a people business. As an owner, you will work with your instructor and staff to oversee customer service and management details. Your primary responsibility is to market the business and drive sales.


Why Premier Martial Arts?

  • Recession resistant
  • 75% percent of martial arts students are children from the ages of 5 to 14, that’s 13.3 percent of the population
  • Massive Demographic: There are 45 Million children that participate in sporting activities in the US.
  • Parents spend over 30 Billion dollars on sports related activities for children yearly
  • Recurring revenues: 70% of students renew after initial membership ends
  • With the popularity of self-defense, mixed martial arts, and the UFC, the martial arts marketing for adults is stronger than ever and growing rapidly
  • Low opening and operating cost
  • Stable business with minimal inventory or receivables
  • Simple and easy operations

We Are There For You Every Step Of The Way!

One of the most intimidating parts of opening a martial arts studio if you’re not a martial artist is staffing. Don’t worry, we provide staff training both for student instruction and management operations. You can keep your other job, train to be the manager, or sit back and just be the owner!  When you become a Premier Martial Arts studio owner, you are joining an exciting industry in which you can decide how much involvement you want in the day to day operations.

That’s because Premier Martial Arts has a proven business model that’s perfect for new owners: 

  • We have an outstanding training program that’ll help you educate yourself and your employees to run the day-to-day operations.
  • You’ll never be alone or unprepared as you make hiring and staff training decisions.
  • You provide supervision, oversight and leadership on your own schedule.
  • We provide territory protection to better position your studio as the leader in your market.

Premier Martial Arts operations is designed for multi-unit ownership. Once your initial location is running successfully, we will help you open new ones.

We are the leader in this exciting developing industry and you can join us. Opening expenses are modest, net income is high, and prime locations are still available. Don’t delay, take advantage of this opportunity and secure your market today.

A Winning Support Team You Can Count On

Site Selection

Our experienced Real Estate Team will help you with everything from site selection to lease negotiations. 


You and your team will receive ongoing, in-depth, values-based training to provide your employees and customers the best the martial arts industry has to offer.

Pre-Opening Assistance

We’ll work with you through construction and build out, to get you up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. We execute a robust Grand Opening advertising program designed to drive new clients and get you off to a fast start.


Our innovative networking programs help you recruit outstanding instructors and staff to execute our system. 


At Premier Martial Arts, We Do More Than Just
Punching and Kicking

Premier Martial Arts offers men, women, boys and girls more than just martial arts training. We offer a unique, personal development experience that can’t be provided anywhere else. From fitness and self-defense to character development and confidence, to social interaction and FUN, Premier Martial Arts offer so many benefits for all ages.

Premier Martial Arts incorporates a combination of techniques found in four effective disciplines: Karate, Kickboxing, Submission Grappling and Kali. These disciplines provide students with a realistic personal protection system in the modern world. Karate is a traditional martial art that instills discipline, respect, focus and other character building traditional values, and the fundamental blocking and striking techniques of self protection. 

Premier Martial Arts was one of the first truly national brands to exclusively provide professional quality martial arts training for the entire family. As a Premier Martial Arts business owner, you will have the ability to own a business that capitalizes on a huge market of potential customers and rapidly growing industry.  

With over 85 locations open today, Premier Martial Arts is the dominant martial arts business opportunity in the United States.



Myles Baker - Premier Martial Arts Vice President



Jeff Asesor - Multischool Owner South Florida


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MEET Michael Authement, WHO Transformed his life with PREMIER MARTIAL ARTS:

So this month is my 2 year anniversary with Pma. I can still remember sitting at the table with Barry Van Over and Myles Baker discussing joining PMA while I was also a full time school teacher , school owner , private security guard and newspaper delivery guy. My school was maybe making 30k a year and I told Barry there's no way I could afford 1k a month for fees. 
Then Myles Baker told me Straight up 'Do you want to join Premier or keep working 4 jobs.' Well now I'm retired from the school system, I quit my other 2 jobs, I just finished my 2016 taxes that were $125k and were on the pace to do $200k for 2017. And I've traveled all over the Country to places I've only dreamed about seeing. I'm still not 'perfect' with the systems but the systems work. When we say Premier is life changing it's true and not just for our students. Thank You Myles Baker and Barry Van Over."

Michael Authement


“Since joining Premier Martial Arts my business and success has exploded! My PMA studio is now grossing $60,000.00 per month, I have bought my own strip center, and expanded the size of my studio! Proven simple systems and some perseverance is the secret. LIFE IS GOOD!

Bernie Zanoni - Former Corporate American Employee  - Denver, Colorado

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“Seven years ago we opened a Premier Martial Arts studio. Our business has grown substantially. Our average monthly gross revenue is $60,000 per month. But just as important is how organized and easily managed our business and marketing systems have become. The decision to choose Premier Martial Arts has been the best business decision ever.”

Mary Destolfo - Premier Martial Arts - Conshohocken, PA


“Through Premier Martial Arts my dream of owning and operating my own business have become a reality! I am constantly growing in student count, income, and even as a person! PMA has challenged me to step up in every way and have been there to give me the tools I need for success. I currently have over 300 members and last year I grossed over a half a million dollars.”

Aaron Hensley - Premier Martial Arts - North Augusta, SC. 

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increased gross income!

“In business for 21 years and in my first 12 months with Premier I increased my gross income over $100,000. Thank you, You guys changed my life!”

David Dunn - PMA Owner Santa Clarita Valley Ca 



“In 4 months of being with Premier I've gone from $10-12,000/month to this month I am on track to gross between 25 and $30,000.
PMA has systems for advertising, teaching, hiring, signing up new students etc. They did not leave any rock unturned. They completely teach you from A to Z how to run your business successfully. Just follow the systems and don't overthink the process!!”

Joshua Smith - PMA owner Paducah Ky 




Increased Volume!

“Nice little victory for us tonight here in Rotherham UK, we now have 133 members but the victory is having 81 of those through the doors in 1 evening, I've never had that volume before and I'm so proud of my school.”

Craig Nixon - PMA Owner Rotterham UK


More New Students!

“150 Active members in 5 months Boom! Our goal was 6 months. Once again great teamwork with my awesome Program Director! Now time for a cold beer & to work on reaching our new goal 200 students by the end of the year. Thank you, Barry Van Over & Myles Baker.”

Eric Arriaga - PMA Owner Harlingen Tx




increaseD annual gross revenue!

“End year one as a PMA school synopsis: a roughly 40% increase in annual gross revenue over last year. I'm pretty happy with that and look forward to continued awesomeness.”

Derek Croley - PMA Owner Ashville Nc


Professional Guidance!

“So. I joined Premier in 2016. It has really turned things around. So I have figured out that my gross revenue has increased an astonishing 270.5% over 2015. I just want to say thanks to Myles Baker without your guidance none of this would have been possible. Looking forward to 2017!!!”

Paul Simoes - PMA Owner Cambridge Ca